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Routing Guide

To: All Forman Mills Vendors
Attn: Distribution and Shipping Department
From: DC Routing Department
Subject: Routing Guide
Effective Date: July 2014

Attached please find the Forman Mills Distribution Center Routing Guide. Please use this guide for all shipments to our Distribution Center located on 3000 Cindel Drive, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077. Pre-notification, packing, carton identification, packing slip preparation and routing requirements are listed within this guide. It is imperative that these instructions be followed to ensure timely and efficient processing of your order.

Our routing guide requirements are industry standards and must be complied with. Any violations to the routing guide will result in deductions from your invoice. Violation charges are listed in the routing guide. For your benefit we are available for any questions you may have.

Thank You,

Loretta Simpson
DC Services Manager

Jonathan Turner
DC Manager

Our Distribution Center has moved. Our New ship address and number for routing is:
3000 Cindel Drive
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
The routing line for all areas other than CA and NJ/NY Commercial zone is 856-324-4713

Billing Address:
Forman Mills Inc.

1070 Thomas Busch Memorial Highway
Pennsauken, NJ. 08110

Please Review Style Separation. Violation charges for this requirement will not be in effect until October 1st 2009.

Forman Mills Routing Guide

Update: July 2014
3000 Cindel Drive
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

A. Shipment Preparation

  1. 1. Cartons
  2. 2. Packing
  3. 3. Carton Labeling
  4. 4. Style Separation
  5. 5. Packing Slip

B. Advance Shipment Notification

C. Shipping Instructions

  1. 1. Designated Carrier
  2. 2. Vendor Deliveries

D. Vendor Pre-Ticketing

E. Shipment Violations

F. Return Fax Verification for receipt of Routing Guide


This routing guide has been designed to enable FORMAN MILLS, INC. to process significantly increasing quantities of your merchandise quickly and efficiently. Every effort has been made to simplify our requirements to ensure that our vendors are also able to prepare our shipments quickly and efficiently.

It is imperative that all guidelines are followed regardless of carrier; violations to this routing guide will result in charge backs.

Shipment Preparation:

1. Cartons

To survive shipment, we require a carton of at least 200 pounds burst strength be sealed with a 3" tape seal or equivalent. Packed carton must not exceed 60 lbs. No bagged, hanging or loose goods are acceptable.

2. Packing

3. Carton Labeling

Each carton's contents need to be labeled on the cartons exterior. The label must be legible and must include the following information:

►UPS ONLY: Total number of cartons and sequential number of specific Carton. Example: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3.

4. Style Separation

One Style per pallet. Multiple styles on a pallet are acceptable only if separated by a divider sleeve. Example: Cardboard or Kraft paper are acceptable to use.


5. Packing Slip

A packing slip must be prepared and placed in a sealed envelope and attached to the outside of the "Lead Carton" or bill of lading. This carton must be prominently marked "Lead Carton". 

The packing slip, which must be LEGIBLE and must be prepared for each Forman Mills, Inc. purchase order and must include the following:
a) Forman MIlls purchase order number (one packing slip per PO)
b) Venor Style Numbers
c) Quantities, Size Range, and Color Assortment per Style as per the purchase order

Packing Slip Instructions:

WARNING Routing will not be granted unless packing slip is received and approved. 

Packing Slip must match your order or routing will not be granted.

48 Hours Prior to shipment, a copy of the packing slip must be e-mailed to: the ASN must be submitted via our web site

24 Hours Prior to shipping you can call the consolidator listed in this guide for your area.

Only one style per pallet when available. Multiple styles per pallet must be organized by style and have cardboard of craft paper between. All labels must be facing out on the pallets.

No substitutions or incomplete orders will be accepted. If you have substitutions or are unable to ship complete please call 856-486-1447. And ask for one of the following departments. You will be transferred to that area.

Men's, Ladies, Boy's, Girl's, Infant's, Toddler's, Footwear and Home.

Shipping Instructions:

All shipments must be shipped to the final destination indicated on the Forman Mills, Inc. purchase order.

Ship To Address:
Forman Mills, Inc.
3000 Cindel Drive
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Vendor is responsible for the following:
  Correctly describing shipment commodity
  Correct Classification
  National Motor Freight Classification#
  Correct Weight (Dimensional weight if required)
  When shipping more than one Bill of Lading on the same day the particular Bill of Lading must be incorporated onto one master Bill of Lading.

All Shipments must be palletized and Tightly Double wrapped. Each pallet must be able to be easily counted.

Note: Forman Mills will not accept ambiguous notations such as STC (Said to Contain) or SLC (Shipper Load and Count).


Designated Carrier:

All shipments must be shipped via the carrier designated in the Routing Guide or by Forman Mills Traffic Department. Shippers must follow size, pallet count, cube or linear foot set by Forman Mills. Forman Mills will not be responsible for any unauthorized freight pre-paid by vendor.

Freight Terms within the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Commercial Zones are:

FOB Forman Mills Distribution Center – New Jersey. All LTL and Truckload Shipments from the Commercial Zone are required to ship through our consolidator (Jay-Dee) collect to the Forman Mills Distribution Center in New Jersey. Each vendor will be charged a freight deduction equal to the cost to ship freight from their facility to our distribution center in New Jersey. Email or call Jay-Dee directly to schedule shipping and drop-off appointments.

Designated Carrier/Consolidator - Within the New York, New Jersey,and Connecticut Commercial Zones:

Jay Dee Fast Delivery
480 Duncan Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Telephone: 201-332-7200
Fax: 201-332- 8456
ATTN: Eric, Frankie, or Sue for order validation.

UPS: Vendor must call Forman Mills routing at 856-324-4713 for order validation prior to shipping. UPS shipments without order validation are subject to penalties.


All shipments originating in California are FOB Pacific Logistics Warehouse.


Pacific Logistics Corp.
7255 Rosemead Blvd.
Pico Rivera, CA. 90660
Phone: (562) 478-4700
Fax: (562) 293-1543



Freight terms are collect Forman Mills Distribution Center

For latest update: All Freight must be palletized and tightly double wrapped. Each pallet must be able to be easily counted.

Additional Instructions:

Vendors should not Direct Deliver or use their own carrier to deliver to Forman Mills Warehouse. Deliveries that are Direct from Vendor without notification or prior approval will be refused at the Door.

There may be some exceptions for Vendor Deliveries but it will be at the discretion of Forman Mills. High Volume Peak Seasons for the Warehouse will also determine approvals for Direct Deliveries.

Vendor Pre-ticketing:

Orders pre-ticketed by vendors are to follow the ticket format and ticket position as stated in our pre-ticketing guide that is provided with requested tickets. This guide can also be requested from Forman Mills DC Services. Call 856-910-7136.

Shipment Violations:

One or more of the following charges will be applied in the event of a failure to follow the procedures defined in this Routing Guide:


Challenges to Routing violations must be made within 30 days of receipt of violation notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Email inquiries to: All inquires must contain vendor name, date of the violation and the Forman Mills purchase order number that the violation occurred on.

Forman Mills Distribution Center DC Services

Fax Verification of Receipt

Please E-mail this page to the below address to confirm receipt of the Routing Guide.

Company Name: _________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________

Contact Name: _________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________

I am in receipt of the Forman Mills Routing Guide. I have reviewed the guide and accept these requirements.

I have also been informed to visit to Review the guide on line for any new updates.

Signature: ______________________________Date: ___________

Forman Mills DC Services

E-Mail the completed form to

  • Only one purchase order allowed per carton.
  • Only one style per carton.
  • Cartons must be packed with the number of units per carton detailed on the purchase order.
  • Each carton must be packed by the color / size assortment detailed on the Forman Mills purchase order.
  • Styles, Sizes and Colors must not be substituted.
  • All Coordinate groups must be shipped complete.
    1. a. Forman Mills, Inc. "Ship To" address
    2. b. A Return Address
    3. c. Forman Mills purchase order number (one PO # per ctn.)
    4. d. Vendor Style Number
    5. e. Forman Mills style number if available
    6. f. Number of Units
    7. g. Size Scale (if requested per PO)
    8. h. Color Assortment (if requested per PO)
    1. a Forman Mills purchase order number (one packing slip per PO)
    2. b. Vendor Style Numbers
    3. c. Quantities, Size Range, and Color Assortment per Style as per the purchase order.
    4. d. Total number of cartons being shipped for the Specified purchase order
    • Correctly describing shipment commodity
    • Correct Classification
    • National Motor Freight Classification #
    • Correct Weight (Dimensional weight if required)
    • When shipping more than one Bill of Lading on the same day the particular Bill of Ladings must be incorporated onto one master Bill of Lading.
    • S. Eastern Connecticut – Zip Codes 068-069
    • NY - Long Island, 5 Boroughs, Westchester and Rockland Counties – Zip Codes 100-119
    • NJ - All shipments within the state of New Jersey are FOB Forman Mills Distribution Center.
    • No Total UPS shipment should weigh more than 100 lbs
    • No UPS carton should weigh more than 60lbs
    • Vendor should notify PLC dispatch a minimum of 1 day prior to shipping whether dropping product or requesting a pick-up.
    • Please provide full shipment details including: Pieces, Weight, P.O.# and tender on a properly filled out PLC bill-of-lading.
    • All purchase orders will be verified for authenticity prior to dispatch or acceptance.
    • Shipments weighing 500lbs. or more must be tendered on shrink-wrapped pallets.
    • All shipments must be sorted by P.O. # and tendered with labels facing out.
    • All California shipments will move via PLC regardless of weight, cube, or origin.
    • Cartons in excess of 60lbs.: $50.00 per Carton Minimum (No Max).
    • Incomplete Coordinate groups: $100.00 per order
    • More than one style in a carton: $50.00 per carton unless store pre-packed.
    • Unapproved style/size/color substitutions: $100.00 per order
    • Carton Labeling Violation: $100.00 per Carton Label Minimum (No Max).
    • Packing Slip Preparation not prepared as per routing guide instructions: $100.00 charge
    • Packing slip/ASN not submitted or e-mailed or prior to shipment: $200.00 per order
    • Failure to ship within PO "Ship – Cancel Dates": $200.00 charge
    • Failure to use designated carrier per routing guide without authorization: $200.00 charge
    • Vendor pre-ticketing errors: .25 per unit + FedEx cost($200.00 minimum charge)
    • Failure to separate styles on pallets: $100.00 per pallet
    • Failure to shrink wrap, palletize and make easily countable pallets: $50.00 per pallet
    • Failure to ship order complete without prior written approval: $100 charge
    • Styles not packed as per Purchase Order: $50 Per Carton
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